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French Optical and hearing aid, Acuitis, will open its first ‘’House’’ in the North American soil.

In Canada, Sevan Kechichian, Rémi Xhenseval and Juliette Fournier-Lemaire, will be bringing their decades of expertise into a 3226 sq. ft. Acuitis Flagship in CF Carrefour Laval, which grand opening is scheduled to be in mid-November. A second store is already planned to open in CF Promenades St-Bruno in 2018.

Having launched their first store in Geneva in 2010, Daniel Abittan and his son Jonathan, aimed to make designer eyewear accessible to all by creating their own frames while making strategic alliances with different leading partners in lenses industry.

Acuitis joined forces with Frédéric Beausoleil, a French eyewear designer who worked with some of the world’s renowned names such as Louis Vuitton,Cartier and Marc Jacobs to create all the brand’s eyewear, sunglasses and hearing glasses collections.

Acuitis soon won the heart of the eye and hearing care industry and quickly established itself as a new pioneer on the smart, low-cost market, combining design and healthcare, technology and ethics, fashion and sensible prices.

The chain has seen rapid growth, and now has 61 branches across Europe.

Mindful of the changes that are shaping today’s world, the Acuitis team has adopted an unconventional take on fashion and pays close attention to the latest innovations and aspirations, while remaining committed to maintaining a very reasonable pricing approach to eye and hearing care.

Martine Thériault and Kevin Fortier from Lexia immobilier are proudly handling the sites in Canada.

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